wind-power - Is feng shui just a religion or superstition?

Is feng shui simply a religion or superstition? With all the different schools of feng shui, one might jump to the conclusion that feng shui is a religion or superstition. I had initially thought that it was a religious practice as there are certain religions that incorporate feng shui methodologies. In fact, I once thought feng shui was a total superstition.

Around for over 3,000 years now, traditional or classical feng shui is neither a religion or superstition. Feng shui, which words literally translate into “wind and water,” symbolizes energy or “chi.” Originating from China, it is an ancient methodology of organizing objects in an environment such as an office or kitchen. The main objective of feng shui is to boost and improve the balance of chi for a space’s inhabitants. For example, the placement of one’s bed can impact one’s health luck. Floorplans, structures, building materials, and other aspects of a space can also play a role in one’s environment.

blue - wind-power - Is feng shui just a religion or superstition?

Feng shui does not require you to go against your religious beliefs. In fact, it is about proactively influencing your environment to improve your lifestyle and well-being. So, do not be afraid to learn and reap the benefits of it. Together with other healthy practices, such as mindfulness and exercise, feng shui can greatly improve your life!