by henry tang

Currently living in a home or purchasing a home that has stairs? Stairs greatly impact the type of energy that flows through your home. Here are 8 important feng shui tips for stairs.

Watch Your Main Door

solid main door
by hipsterfengshui.com

Avoid a home that has stairs facing directly at your main door. Depending on your birth element and the bagua location of the stairs, there are varying afflictions that may arise (e.g. negative impact to career if flowing to the north, etc.)

If you are already in a home with stairs facing the main door, you may remedy this by placing a small mirror at the back of the main door. This redirects the negative gushing energy from the stairs to the outside.

Another option is to place a screen, curtain, or piece of furniture to redirect the flow of energy. Also, place a pair of fu dogs or elephants to guard and protect against negative chi.

Stay Solid

Your stairs should be made of solid materials such as wood. Be sure to fix any worn or broken steps or handrail. 

Mind the Gap

by henry tang

To protect your prosperity luck make sure there are no unfilled gaps between steps.

Keep it Bright

To invite good chi, be sure that the area near the stairs is well lit. Add skylights or chandeliers near the beginning of the stairs to boost chi.

No Toilets

Avoid homes that have a bathroom or toilet located near the beginning or end of the stairs. It is also important to avoid having a bathroom right beneath the stairs. These layouts impact the overall luck of the occupant’s of a home. In particular, children in the home will become problematic and troublesome. Residents will also run into misfortunes such as decline in prosperity luck. To remedy this, avoid using the toilet or bathroom located near the stairs or keep the door and toilet lid closed at all times.

Location, Location, Location

The most ideal location for stairs is on the side of a home. Ideally, stairs should not be located in the center of your home, also known as the heart of the home. Stairs in such a location may cause tension, stress, family breakups and health related issues. To remedy this, consider redirecting the flow of energy with artwork (e.g. pieces that support the earth element).

Keep it in Style

Curved stairs are considered to represent the most auspicious design as energy gently flows through. Straight stairs are okay, too. The worst type of stairs are those that are spiral, especially if they are in the center of the home, as they may destroy family relationships.

Avoid Water Features

Small Aquarium, by hipsterfengshui.com
Small Aquarium, by hipsterfengshui.com

Remove any water features or images of deities below your staircase. This can build negative chi and impact health, wealth and relationships.