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Question:  I heard that I should always dispose of all of my existing feng shui cures and enhancers and buy new ones every year. That seems like a very costly thing to do. Should I be using new feng shui cures and enhancers every year? And what do I do with the old cures?

Answer: No, it is not always necessary to get new cures and enhancers every year. Not only is it costly, it is also not very environmentally friendly. The most viable option is to cleanse and purify old feng shui cures (remedies) with any of these four methods:

  • Purify cure in water from the sea if available or in rainwater
  • Purify cure in Himalayan/sea salt + cold water solution
  • Purify cure with water that has been energized by the sun or moon light for at least 24 hours.  
  • Plant and cover cure in the earth for 3 days and one moon cycle
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Also, be mindful to check the material of your cure before you purify or clean it.  Make sure that the material does not get damaged from your cleaning method. It is also best to perform the cleaning in the day time.

If the cure has absorbed so much negative chi it will not be as effective at subduing additional negative energy in the future. With a cure that has protected you from a challenging year, it is best to dispose of it and use a new cure instead.  Some practitioners and masters believe that the old cure should be “given back” to mother nature via the ocean, a big lake or river, or buried in the earth. Others believe the cure should first be burnt and then its ashes buried.

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Salt water cures from the flying star school should never be reused and should be discarded properly. On the other hand, enhancers used to pump up the chi of your environment such as crystals, deities, etc. can be reused. Follow your intuition as you will usually get a gut feel when it’s time to retire your cure.

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