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houseIf you are looking to buy or rent a home, it is crucial for you to look at the home’s feng shui. A home’s location, design, and layout can significantly impact the health, happiness, wealth, luck, and overall well-being of its occupants. While this post is not a comprehensive list of every feng shui issue you can possibly avoid, it is a good starting point for anyone looking to find a home or rental. Here are 12 feng shui tips for finding a home or rental.



1. Beware of Your Surroundings

We are all products of our environment. Look very closely at the neighborhood you are interested in. Is it tidy or is it dumpy? If the neighborhood is not well kept, and the house itself is not well cared for, being in this home will not only impact you mentally, but also the negative chi from the clutter will impact your luck.

Also, is the home you interested next to poison arrows? Poison arrows are external afflictions that impact your luck greatly. They come in various forms including building edges, hospitals, trees, roads, road signs, and churches. Be sure the home you end up being in does not have poison arrows aimed towards it.

2. Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

handIf possible, find the history of the home you are interested in occupying. Was the house built on what was previously a cemetery or hospital? If so, avoid it. 

Be mindful of choosing a property that was previously occupied by folks that went through negative life events such as bankruptcy, divorce, or litigation. Such events or history may suggest that the property had negative feng shui to begin with and that you would run into similar obstacles as the previous occupants. It is best to occupy a house that has positive chi and vibes.

3. Find a Lucky Address

Numbers play a big role in many cultures around the globe. Each signifies bad luck and good luck stemming from their symbolism or pronunciation. In Silicon Valley, I see many friends buy homes with the number 6 or 8 as they know it would have better resale value in the long-term, especially due the significant number of foreign investors. Click here for a list of auspicious numbers.

4. Watch Your Back

mountainsIt is best that a home has hills or mountains behind it to represent support. Ideally, the mountains should not be too close to the home such that it creates a very overwhelming and suffocating feeling. It’s okay to have a house face a mountain or hill only if it’s not too close and feels overbearing. Avoid being at the very top of the mountain where it’s too exposed. Being at the bottom of the mountain is not too good as well if the mountain appears too dominant. Remember it’s all about balance. Follow your gut and instincts.

5. Be Square

Avoid choosing a home on a lot with irregular shapes or odd edges (e.g. triangular shape) as the imbalance can negatively impact your luck. Square (or rectangular) shaped lots are the best as they signify harmony and balance. Also, the home you choose should be centrally located on the plot of land it occupies to be more grounded and balanced.

6. Beware of Missing Areas or Sectors

The property itself should also be square or rectangular. When a bagua area is incomplete, missing or smaller relative to other bagua sectors, it causes a disproportionate flow of chi. For example, a property may be L-shaped and therefore have its wealth sector  “missing.” This causes the property’s occupants to have their wealth negatively impacted.

7. Remember Your Lucky Directions

doorIt’s best to choose a home where main door faces one of your lucky directions. Lucky directions can be easily determined using the Kua number formula. If you and your significant other fall under different kua direction groups (e.g. you are an east person and your loved-one is a west person), then the front door should face the bread winner’s most auspicious direction/sector. If the door does not face the bread winner’s most auspicious direction, consider remodeling by angling or slanting the door so it faces a lucky direction.

8. Location, Location, Location

Avoid homes that have a T-Junction, curved road, or cul-de-sac hitting them. In other words, if you see vehicle headlights shine directly at your house when they drive by, it’s best to avoid such properties. Such roads brings in negative or “killing” chi via the traffic rushes quickly through the home.  Further, avoid homes where the road is not is located at a higher level than the home itself as this signifies hardships. Also, is there a large road, freeway, or large creek behind the home? If so, the occupants of the home will feel a lack of support and protection as no one “has their back”.

9. Protect the Breadwinner

kitchenChoose a property where the kitchen is not located in the northwest sector of the home and the stove is not be in the northwest sector of the kitchen. This inauspicious combo symbolizes fire destroying the metal element of the sector.

The northwest represents the “Heaven’s Gate” and the Patriarch of the family. Having a kitchen located here may negatively impact the breadwinner’s luck (e.g. lose a job, significant health issues, deep financial losses, etc.).

10. Watch Your Steps

Avoid a home that has stairs facing directly at your main door. Depending on your birth element and the bagua location of the stairs, there are varying afflictions that may arise (e.g. negative impact to relationships if flowing to the southwest, etc.)

11. Prevent Disasters

Avoid using a toilet that is near or above your main door. Not doing so may result in a major disaster or misfortune to a family.  

12. Release Control

When finding a home, pay close attention to how the process of buying or leasing the property is going. If everything is going well with no hiccups, than that’s a good sign. However, if you are running into a lot of headaches and roadblocks, you may want to rethink about proceeding with the transaction.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few key things to look out for when looking for a home or rental property. Happy home searching. I hope this helps!