wealth vase - 5 easy steps to creating a wealth vase
by hipsterfengshui

Growing wealth is a popular life aspiration. To grow your prosperity luck with feng shui, you can create a special vase called a wealth vase. Creating a wealth vase is one of the most popular and oldest feng shui traditions to increase one’s prosperity and fortune. Creating a wealth vase is easy and fun. Here are 5 easy steps to creating a wealth vase.

1. Select a Vase

Find a vase with these characteristics: The neck of the vase should be slimmer than the body and the top of the vase should have a lid to protect its contents. The covering of the lid symbolizes the protection of your wealth. You can go wild and have more than one wealth vase if you desire. In terms of design, pick a design that energizes you and is compatible with the bagua sector it is placed in.

2. Gather Ingredients & Contents

Next, we gather what goes into the vase. In classical feng shui, symbols are important as they are utilized to generate good chi via the pleasant vibes and connection they provide their owners. Obtain ingredients that represent prosperity such as:

  • Crystals, Stones, Jewels or Beads (Amethyst, Citrine, Diamonds, Topaz, Jade, Jasper, Pyrite)
  • Gold Bars or Ingots
  • 3, 6, or 9 I-Ching Coins tied with red strings
  • Earth/soil from a wealthy family member or friend’s property or from your favorite landscape
  • 5 different types of food or grains to represent abundance
  • Various other wealth symbols. These include images of successful people, foreign currency, and wealth deity (e.g. laughing Buddha) that represent prosperity to you. The symbols can be modern or traditional symbols
  • 5 different colored cloth fabrics to symbolize each of the 5 elements
  • 5 different colored strings of thread to symbolize each of the 5 elements

3. Establish Your Goal & Intent

Think about your specific wealth goals and your exact reasoning and aspiration behind the creation of the wealth vase. Be as specific as you can. For example, your reasoning may be to provide a financially secured future for your family through the growth of your investments. As you are creating the vase, make sure you have a positive mind and think good thoughts about wealth.

4. Fill & Cover It Up

Start filling up your vase with the ingredients from Step 2. Be mindful and aware of your aspiration for creating the wealth vase. First start with placing the soil on the bottom of the vase to establish a solid base for growing prosperity.

Then fill up the vase with the rest of the ingredients. If you place a deity in the vase, make sure to place the deity in the middle of the vase. Once completed, cover the top of the vase with the lid first followed by the five pieces of fabrics representing the five elements. Next, tighten the fabrics with the five strings. You can order the five pieces of fabric and strings in the order of the productive cycle of the five elements (water first, then wood, then fire, then earth, and lastly metal).

5. Keep It Safe & Clean

Finally, guard your wealth vase. Do not show off your wealth vase to anyone – It should be hidden safely inside your house. Also, the vase should face inward. Once you close it up, don’t open it up again. But do remember to keep the outside of vase itself clean and dust free!

Final Thoughts

The history of the wealth vase goes back thousands of years where only the richest and most powerful families had secret knowledge of this feng shui cure. Today, descendants of rulers of China continue to practice this tradition to protect their power and wealth, but the secrets to creating a wealth vase are no longer a secret and can be practiced by anyone!