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T-Junction - Ways to Remedy T-Junction Homes or Offices
by hipsterfengshui.com

T-Junction homes have a T-shaped road hitting them. The road brings in negative or “killing” chi via the traffic rushes quickly through the home. Here are 7 Ways to remedy T-Junction homes or offices.

Switch your main door

Consider using another door or relocating your main door to reduce the amount of negative chi brought to your property from the T-Junction.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

If it suits your preference and taste, place a flat bagua shaped mirror on the front wall or on top of the main door of your property to deflect and fend off the negative chi from the T-Junction.

Add Crystals

Place crystal balls or faucets outside of your property to weaken the negative energy of the T-Junction.

Cure the inside

Put plants on the window sills that are facing the front of your home to subue the negative energy from the T-Junction. Also, place crystals to boost positive chi and negate the rushing energy from the road.

Go green

Another great and fun way to protect and jazz up your property is to add a border of plants and schrubs around it. Alternatively, you can place potted plants as well.

Light it up

Place bright lights outside of your property to disperse the energy coming from traffic and car headlights.

Put a fence on it

Lastly, you can safeguard your property from a T-Junction with the addition of a solid fence or barrier.

Final Thoughts

Ideally, one should avoid purchasing or renting a property that has a T-Junction. However, if you already own a T-Junction property, it’s not the end of the world! Hope you find these 7 tips helpful.