stove by hipsterfengshui

Question: I need help with the kitchen located in the northwest of our new home.  I heard that it’s really bad feng shui. After just two months, I have already started to notice the effects – my husband is constantly ill and lacking energy. He has also been having a lot of trouble at work and got demoted. Are there any remedies?

Answer: Ideally, the kitchen should not be in the northwest sector of your home and the stove itself should not be in the northwest sector of the kitchen. This combination symbolizes fire destroying the metal element of the sector.

The northwest represents the “Heaven’s Gate” and the direction of the Patriarch of the family.  Having a kitchen located here may negatively impact the breadwinner’s luck (e.g. lose a job, major health problems, deep financial losses, etc.).

Below are a few limited options if you can’t move your kitchen:

  • The most ideal situation would be to move your kitchen and stove in a more auspicious location.
  • As the earth element generates or strengthens metal, place earth elements or metal elements in this area. You may also want to place a ceramic or porcelain vase with water to “put off the fire.”
  • Add blue or black decor or paint to “cool” down the “fire” of the stove or kitchen.
  • Purchase a toy stove or portable stove and place it in an auspicious location that corresponds with your lucky direction and the element of that direction.
  • Boost the energy of the northwest in other areas of your home, such as your living room or dining room by treating each space and area as it’s own bagua.

It’s tough to get things perfect. I have been practicing feng shui for over a decade and there is always something I can find that can be improved! I hope this helps you.