missing areas

by hipsterfengshui

One very common feng shui issue is having a “missing” area or sector in a property. For example, a property may be L-shaped and therefore have its prosperity sector  “missing.” This causes the property’s occupants to have their wealth negatively impacted. When a bagua area is incomplete or smaller relative to other bagua sectors, it causes a disproportionate flow of chi. Here are 3 feng shui tips to remedy a missing bagua area:


Enhance It

As mentioned in prior posts, each bagua direction is associated with a life aspiration, family member, human body part. etc. Even if your health, wealth, career or relationship luck have not been negatively impacted by the missing bagua area, it is best to be prepared. I have prepared a summary of some fairly simple enhancements by missing bagua direction. When placing these remedies, however, keep in mind of changes from flying stars.  I hope you find it helpful.

chart - 3 Feng Shui Tips to Remedy A Missing Bagua Area
by hipsterfengshui

Expand or Extend It

lights- 3 Feng Shui Tips to Remedy A Missing Bagua Area
by hipsterfengshui

A more pricey option is to remedy a missing bagua area is to physically add the space in the missing corner. However, simply placing a long mirror across the missing area is a much more affordable way to expand it. Deactivate negative chi of a missing bagua area by expanding or extending walls. Ideally, the mirror’s shape should also be in harmony with the element of the bagua sector that is missing. For example, a rectangular mirror would be ideal for a missing bagua area in the east, as the rectangle shape represents wood, which is the element of the east. Be mindful not to reflect anything that is negative (e.g. bathroom) nor place mirrors in a kitchen or bedroom. Alternatively, you can also place tall or long lights to boost chi in the corner of missing bagua area.

Activate Small Chi

earthAs mentioned in a prior post, boosting the chi of a specific bagua sector can be just as effective as boosting the chi of the bagua sector of any entire property.

For example, if you would like to improve your love luck, place feng shui enhancers in the southwest sector of your bedroom and living room in addition to the southwest sector of your overall house.