Managing the chi (energy) of one’s environment is a fundamental principle of feng shui, regardless of which school of feng shui is practiced. Here are 3 facts about chi to improve your life:

garden - Know these 3 Facts about Chi to Improve Your Life
by hipsterfengshui

Two Types of Chi Exist

When practicing feng shui, it is important to understand the concept of big chi vs. small chi. When boosting the energy of an individual room, this represents the enhancement of small chi. Alternatively, boosting the energy of an overall property (home or office) signifies big chi.

You Can Influence Chi

Boosting the chi of a specific bagua sector of a room can be as effective as boosting the chi of the bagua sector of an entire property.

For example, if you would like to improve your career luck, place feng shui enhancers in the north sector of your bedroom and living room in addition to the north sector of your overall house.

This proves to be a very effective way of boosting one’s environment, particularly if a sector is negatively impacted by a bathroom, toilet, etc.

Note this concept also applies when you place feng shui enhancers to boost your auspicious directions. Be mindful not to inadvertently enhance negative chi in areas such as the toilet.

Chi Changes Constantly

Nothing in life stays constant, including chi. Chi is not stagnant and changes over time from positive to negative and back. It is important for one to continuely update the feng shui of one’s environment (e.g. continually keeping one’s environment tidy, updating it for flying stars, etc.).

Final Thoughts

As with any practice or hobby, feng shui requires you to take it a little at a time and allow it to slowly improve your circumstances! Regardless of what school of feng shui you practice, learning the basic principles of chi can positively influence your environment.