Do vintage or antique objects bring bad luck?  It really depends –  here are a few things to consider.

Chi Transfers

dragon - Do vintage or antique objecIn feng shui, individual objects such as statues, paintings, or furniture carry good and bad chi over time just like properties do. It is critical to know the item’s history and where it came from.

If the item was passed down from a loved-one, friend, or someone you know, you may have more trust that it has good energy. On the other hand, if you have no idea where the item came from, there is risk that that object may carry negative chi from its previous owner, particularly if they had encountered a mishap in their life (e.g. divorce, death, etc.).

Several years ago, a colleague of mine bought a vintage Pi Yao from an estate sale. Very soon after purchasing it, she experienced one mishap after another. She suddenly got fired from a company she was working at for over 20 years, got ill, among other things. She had mentioned that she felt uneasy after bringing the used Pi Yao home and wished she did not bring it into her house.


Keep it Pure

kuan kong - kuan kong - dragon - Do vintage or antique objecIf it doesn’t feel right, it’s best to do without the object. But if you feel connected with a particular item, consider cleaning or purifying it before displaying into your home. Use salt or incense or other preferred methods for the cleaning. Also, even if you know where the item came from, avoid receiving any presents from someone who is giving away their property as a result of a negative event like a divorce or foreclosure auction. 

Vintage and antique objects have become very popular lately. But do they bring bad luck? It all depends. As with any practice or hobby, just remember to relax and follow your instincts!