In classical feng shui, symbols are used to generate good chi through the pleasant vibes and connection they provide their owners. Here are 5 lucky feng shui symbols to boost your life:

1. Mystic Knot

mystic knot
by hipsterfengshui

One of my favorite feng shui symbols is the mystic knot – the ultimate symbol of endless luck and happiness. Comprised of six infinity symbols, the mystic knot comes in various sizes and materials and also represents longevity. I particularly like this symbol as it can help subdue negative energy and boost any area of one’s life, whether it be careerrelationships, etc.


2. Cicada

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If you are dealing with jealousy, back stabbing, and heavy politics in the workplace, one very effective way to minimize it is to place a cicada in your office space or in the north (career) sector. Cicadas also signify immortality and eternality.



3. Horses

by hipsterfengshui

Horses are a wonderful way to gain reputation, recognition, and protection luck. This is especially the case when the horses are placed in the south (as horses signify fire and are in harmony with the fire element of this bagua direction). If you would like to boost your career luck, you may also place them in the north. Choose horses that are strong and powerful looking or with a tranquil statute. Avoid selecting weak looking horses that look anxious. Also, it’s best to place either a single horse or horses in numbers of two, eight, or nine.

4. Peaches

peach for longevity
by hipsterfengshui

One of my favorite fruit symbols is the peach – another fantastic symbol of great health and longevity. Peaches also signify love and marriage.




5. Double Happiness

double happiness
by hipsterfengshui

The double happiness symbol is a fantastic way to boost one’s love and relationship luck. Representing joy, the symbol is my favorite to share with friends and family who are engaged or getting married. It should be placed in the southwest (relationship corner).

One very common feng shui issue occurs when one discovers a “missing” area or sector when determining the bagua of their property. When a bagua area is incomplete or smaller relative to other bagua sectors, this causes a disproportionate flow of chi. Here are 3 feng shui tips to remedy a missing bagua area.

Early this year I began having sudden relationship troubles with my wife. We have been married for over 5 years, but we suddenly started arguing quite a bit. We reconciled, but then last month, thing got worse and we are no longer living together and even talking about divorce. I am not sure what has changed. How can I use feng shui to improve my situation?