“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.” -Douglas MacArthur

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Throughout my life, I always wondered why some people seemed to be so lucky and have it all, while others, no matter how wonderful or good of a person they are, have the worst luck. Have you thought the same? I never believed that luck could be altered until I was exposed to Feng Shui over a decade ago. I was very happy to find out that some of our luck is controllable! Here are the three types of luck that you should be aware of. Know these 3 types of luck to improve your life:

1. Tien Luck

Where and when you were born, which family you were raised by are examples of “Tien” or heaven luck. It is predetermined and cannot be altered. For example, Bill Gates growing up in a wealthy family is an example of Tien luck. It also represents 33.33% of an individual’s overall luck.

2. Ti Luck

Hipster Feng ShuiEarth luck or “Ti” is luck that can be controlled through strengthening the energy or “chi” of one’s living or office space via Feng Shui. For instance, one way to improve your career luck is to watch where you position your back in your office space and make sure you have solid back support (e.g. a wall behind you and not an uncovered window). To minimize politics at your work or business, place a rooster on your office desk.  Feng Shui is not magic and cannot create overall good luck by itself. As with dieting and exercise, Feng Shui can yield results with patience and time. The goal of Feng Shui is to maximize your good luck and minimize bad luck whenever possible as it also represents 33.33% of a person’s overall luck.

3. Ren Luck

More great news! As with Ti luck, you can also control your “Ren” or Mankind luck! Ren luck is driven by your attitude, behavior, and life decisions you make.

Even if you have great heaven luck, but you are totally complacent and lazy, then your overall luck will be reduced. Likewise, if you have great heaven and mankind luck, but your earth luck is horrible, then you won’t be able to maximize your chances of success.  By practicing Feng Shui, which impacts one-third of your overall luck, you can take steps to positively boost your chances for peace, harmony, and happiness, and improve your life.

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