It’s a fact – Many individuals spend more time at work than with their families. And with many individuals extremely dissatisfied with work and feel like their career is going nowhere, what can be done?

Here are 5 feng shui ideas for your office or work space that I have personally used myself and would like to share with you to help you boost your career and success luck!

I remember when my hubby Jeff and I first lived together we would have different preferences as to where we wanted to hang out in our home. When I preferred hanging out in the breakfast nook, he wanted to relax in the living room. He would jokingly say “when you say say east, I say west.” I guess he was right, turns out that he is a West person and I am an East person!

How does one quickly improve his or her environment with Feng Shui? The most essential tool to have is a positive attitude, as it too impacts the energy or “chi” of your environment. When I was first introduced to Feng Shui, I admit was I was quite impatient – I wanted to find Feng Shui remedies to improve different aspects of my life quick and fast. What it really all came down to was understanding the basic principles and tools available and applying them with a positive mind.