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One of my favorite ways to boost the chi of my home and work environment is by including live and artificial plants. I also love displaying images of plants. Here are 7 plants that can boost your luck.

Jade Plants

jade plant - 7 Plants that Can Boost Your Luck
by hipsterfengshui

Jade plants signify luck and prosperity. A type of succulent, they are my personal favorite. They are extremely easy to grow and low maintenance. They also look beautiful with their round-shaped leaves. Place them inside or outside of your property in the east or southeast sector which represent the health and wealth areas of the bagua of environment, respectively.


apple tree - 7 plants that can boost your luck
by hipsterfengshui

In chinese the word “apple” is pronounced “ping”, which literally sounds like the word “peace.” As such, apples are often associated with tranquility. Red apples are especially considered lucky. There are many types of beautiful apple figurines and images you may choose from. In fact, I especially love this artificial apple tree my mom made for me. It makes for a beautiful piece of decor in my living room!


by hipsterfengshui

I highly recommend the placement of peonies in the southwest sector for those seeking love and relationship luck. Peonies pump up the love and relationship area of the bagua. You may also place a painting of peonies or artificial ones in the bedroom to boost your relationship luck. Avoid placing peonies in the bedroom if you are married as this may split your marriage apart!


bamboo - 7 plants that can boost your luck
by hipsterfengshui

Another beautiful and low maintenance plant I love is bamboo – all they need is to be placed in water and they flourish! Bamboo symbolize longevity, good health, good fortune, peace, and success. Boost prosperity and health luck by placing them in the southeast or east.


by hipsterfengshui

Chrysantheums, also knows known as “mums,” are very simple, affordable and lovely plants to place in your home or office. They symbolize ease, success, and happiness and come in a variety of colors.  I especially love them for their long display life. Place mums in your living or office space in accordance with the bagua map, so that the colors are in harmony with the sector they are placed in.


grape vines
by hipsterfengshui

Another fantastic way to boost your prosperity luck is with the placement of grape vines or artificial arrangements. They signify abundance and prosperity.

Citrus Plants

oranges - 7 plants that can boost your luck
by hipsterfengshui

With their vibrant colors, citrus plants, such as oranges, mandarins, and kumquats, are particularly auspicious as they represent wealth and great fortune. They are very popular and auspicious gifts during the holidays.

Final Thoughts


The vibrant nature of plants is a great way to boost chi in the home and work environments. Remember to avoid placing live plants in a bedroom. Also, avoid thorny plants like cactus, which are extremely inauspicious and can cause harm. Remove any dead or wilting plants. Weak plants weaken your personal and environmental chi.

Be mindful to place plants in accordance with the flying stars. Also, be mindful of keeping your plants clean and healthy. Healthy plants improves your luck and the chi of your environment.  I hope these tips help you and that you enjoy exercising your green thumb like I do!


Early this year I began having sudden relationship troubles with my wife. We have been married for over 5 years, but we suddenly started arguing quite a bit. We reconciled, but then last month, thing got worse and we are no longer living together and even talking about divorce. I am not sure what has changed. How can I use feng shui to improve my situation?