Tips to Boost 5 Lucky Annual Stars of 2016

As mentioned in my prior post, Tips to Cure 6 unlucky afflictions of 2016, good and bad energy constantly change and impact the feng shui of your environment. Here are a few tips to boost the five lucky annual stars of 2016. Remember, these enhancers must be implemented by February 4th, 2016 before the Lunar New Year begins. So, lets get started!

flyingstars2016-Tips to Boost 5 Lucky Annual Stars of 2016


Understand the 2016 Lucky Stars and Activate Them

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Below is a summary of the lucky flying stars of 2016 and suggested ways to boost their chi. These enhancers overrule your general cures per the classical feng shui bagua. Note the goal is to strengthen the positive chi of the element associated with the flying star utilizing the principles of the 5 elements of feng shui.

flyingstarschart2016-Tips to Boost 5 Lucky Annual Stars of 2016

Remember to Take Accurate Measurements

To effectively implement feng shui enhancers for your space, you must have accurate measurements of your floor plan and a bagua mapping of your space. If you don’t know the bagua of your floorplan, see my prior post on steps to determine the bagua of your environment.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find the suggestions helpful, simple and affordable. Wish you a healthy, happy, and successful 2016!

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