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Your main (front) door signifies the “mouth” of your home. It is very critical to feng shui your main door as this is where both good or back luck enters and flows. Here are 8 feng shui tips for the main door of your home to start with.

1. Locate the Lucky Directions for Your Main Door

One major principle of feng shui is that each individual has lucky and unlucky directions. Every individual has 4 auspicious directions, and ideally your main door should face one of them. You can easily determine the kua number and related lucky directions for your main door via the Pa Kua Lo Shu Formula or Kua Number Formula.

If you and your significant other fall under different kua direction groups (e.g. you are an east person and your loved-one is a west person), then the front door should face the bread winner’s most auspicious direction/sector. If the door does not face the bread winner’s most auspicious direction, consider remodeling, moving or adjusting the door (e.g. angling or slanting it so it faces one of the four auspicious directions).

2. Go with the Flow


If your main door aligns directly to your back door, this may potentially cause good energy and luck to diminish and disappear. Consider placing a large plant or piece of furniture between the front and back door to alter the flow of energy and protect your luck from going away.

Ideally, the main door should be facing the same direction as your overall property. In other words, if your property faces west, then the main door should face west as well. The whole idea is that the two should be balanced from a chi perspective.

If the main door and overall property are in different directions, you may find an imbalance of chi. This is particularly true if the main door’s direction and its corresponding element is in disharmony with the element associated with the overall property’s direction.


If this is the case for your property, consider relocating the main door so it is facing the same direction the home face’s or adding another door or window to substitute it as the “main door”.

Another cure is to place remedies for any imbalances in chi. For example, if your main entrance faces south (fire) and your house faces southeast (wood), this would create an imbalance as fire exhausts wood. To subdue the negative chi, place stones next to the door as the stone represents earth, which exhausts the fire element.

3. Invite a Laughing Buddha

laughing buddha with sac

To increase prosperity luck, purchase a brand new laughing Buddha, and place the Buddha so that it faces and is located diagonally from your main door. My personal favorites are those which depict the laughing Buddha carrying a bag or wo lou (gourd), as the bag represents all the issues in your life that the laughing Buddha has taken away for you. Also, place the Buddha such that he is higher than the height of the tallest person living in your home.

4. Guard It

tree blocking door

Be mindful of poison arrows directed at your main entrance. Poison arrows are external afflictions that severely impact your luck. They come in various forms, including large trees blocking your main door, a road hitting the main door, etc. These afflictions can be remedied by placing the appropriate cures in accordance with the destructive cycle of the 5 elements of feng shui to subdue their negative chi.

I have prepared a summary below of some simple and affordable cures for poison arrows by bagua direction to be placed near the afflicted main entrance. The direction/location column indicates where your main entrance is located in accordance with the bagua of your environment. I hope you find it helpful.

main door conflicting house facing direction cures

5. Suppress Bad Chi


Avoid using a toilet that is near or above your main door. Not doing so may result in a major disaster or misfortune to a family.  One remedy is to place a mirror outside of the bathroom door, assuming that the mirror is not reflecting anything negative.

Another remedy for toilets that are located above a main door is to install bright lights to boost the energy.

6. Protect Your Love Interests


If you have a fountain or water feature near the right side of your property, it is best to remove it. This is true even if the water feature is in a good location according to the feng shui bagua as this is said to promote disloyal relationships.

7. Keep it Calm and Cool


To protect your health, career, and relationship luck, make sure that any mirrors placed near the front door are not placed directly across the main entrance and reflecting outside roads, stores, etc. The main point here is to make sure that you harness the good chi that comes through the mouth of the home and keep it there. Remove the mirror or place a screen/curtain in the front entrance as a cure.

8. Don’t Flush Your Luck Away


If your toilet or bathroom stretches farther than the main door, it is best to completely avoid utilizing that toilet as having such a toilet represents that your prosperity and wealth luck may be flushed away. If it is not possible to avoid using that toilet, place a big rock and utilize earth tone paint in the area as a cure.

If you have a toilet that is located near or across your main door, it may impact your luck in a variety of ways. For example, career luck is impacted when the toilet is near a main entrance that is located in the north sector of the home. Place remedies discussed in my prior post about toilet cures that are based on the bagua direction the toilet is located in.

Final Thoughts

As the main door is such an important topic in feng shui, this is just a few tips for you to start with. Hope you find these tips useful. Stay tuned for more tips coming soon in an upcoming post!


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