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What are the meaning of numbers in feng shui?

Numbers play a big role in many cultures around the globe. Each signifies bad luck and good luck stemming from their symbolism or pronunciation. For example, in the U.S. the number 13 is often associated with bad luck. However, in other countries such as Italy, the number 13 “fare tredici” translates to “hitting the jackpot” and is considered auspicious. So, what is the meaning of numbers in feng shui?

Number Translation & Remedies for Addresses

Some of the wealthiest places in the world care deeply about feng shui and are very particular about number translation. For example, people in Hong Kong and Singapore generally avoid buying a home with a number that contains 4, which sounds like the word “death.” Even worse, is a home with the numbers 2 and 4 arranged in that order as it translates to “easy death.” Below is a chart that summarizes the meaning of each number in the Cantonese dialect.

What are the meaning of numbers in feng shui?
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Feng shui has become mainstream around the world in part due to Cantonese speaking immigrants moving to various parts of the globe in past decades.

I personally know of many non-Cantonese folks who religiously follow the Cantonese translation of numbers for various things such as choosing a house or phone number.  In a melting pot like the San Francisco Bay Area, where there are many Chinese and culturally aware individuals, I see many non-Cantonese speaking friends buy homes with the number 6 or 8 as they know it would have better resale value in the long-term.

If it really bothers you that you have purchased a home or plan to purchase a home that has a “bad” address (e.g. with a bunch of 4s,) there are two ways you can remedy it:

  1. Change your address i.e. by going to the city/local government and request the change.
  2. “Fix” the address by writing lightly in pencil numbers that will symbolically neutralize the “bad” numbers (see example below.) This is not as powerful as remedy #1, but is a practical alternative if there is no other.


House address of 20253 has a “25” in the address translates to “easy not” or “not easy”. To remedy it, one may possibly do the following:


Feng Shui Enhancements

FullSizeRenderEach of the eight feng shui compass directions is associated with a number. As such, you can boost your environment by placing symbols and decor the represent the number. For example, the northwest is associated with the metal element and number 6. As such, one popular way to boost the chi of this direction is via the placement of a six rodded metal wind chime.

Kua Numbers & Lucky Directions

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According to classical feng shui, every individual has lucky and unlucky directions. Learn how to calculate your most auspicious directions here.