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“A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day.” – Andre Maurois

by Hipster Feng Shui
by Hipster Feng Shui

Is your marriage in trouble? Marriage is not always easy – it takes serious work. With all the stresses in life that one has to deal with, career and family, it is sometimes difficult to tend a marriage.

Feng Shui has not only helped my marriage, but strengthened it. Here are 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marriage with Feng Shui.

1. Tidy up

Get rid of mementos from prior relationships. What’s past is past! Also, make sure that you keep the southwest corners of your space, also known as the “relationship corner,” tidy to avoid negative chi from building up and causing your relationship to go stale.

2. Repair it

Broken things, especially in the southwest corners of your space cause marriages to break. If it’s broken, repair it or get rid of it!

3. Add Symbols of Love

Boost the chi in your love sector by adding symbols of love, whether it be images or figurines. Some of my favorite are:

  1. Mandarin ducks – place a pair of these as they represent stability and mate for life

    by Hipster Feng Shui
    by Hipster Feng Shui
  2. Happy Photos – Place photos of the two of you has a happy couple photos or of happy lovers or couples
  3. Candles – Place candles as fire energizes earth, which the element of the southwest sector

    by Hipster Feng Shui
    by Hipster Feng Shui
  4. Double happiness – Place this symbol as it represents joy

    by Hipster Feng Shui
    by Hipster Feng Shui
  5. Dragon and phoenix – Place this symbol as it represents a successful and fruitful marriage.
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4. Remove Mirrors

Having mirrors in your bedroom are a definite feng shui no no, especially if it reflects your bed. Televisions also count as “mirrors” as the screen reflects. So make sure you remove these items from your bedroom or cover them as they may cause your marriage to split.

5. Cure Your Bathroom

Toilets, in general, are not ideal in Feng Shui. When they are located in the southwest sectors of your space, they will impact your marriage. Consider painting the bathroom in a red or pinkish hue. Also place flowers and plants in the bathroom to boost the chi in the southwest.

It saddens me to see to have personally seen the most beautiful marriages get in trouble, from constant arguments to infidelity to gambling and even drugs.

But I have also seen these marriages improve with Feng Shui when combined with one’s proactive efforts to repair the relationship! I hope you find these few tips helpful. Wishing you a happy marriage!

I don’t know about you, but I am personally really bad with directions and navigation! Throw in the complexities of Feng Shui, plus having to understand where and how to use a compass and knowing what kind of compass should be used, can be quite confusing!

Please don’t make the same mistakes I made when I first started studying Feng Shui. I tried to “eyeball” and gauge directions and got it all wrong: I thought my bedroom was in the Northwest, so I applied the wrong feng shui cures and remedies! Big mistake!

When I first started practicing Feng Shui, I was a tad lazy and thought that I could cut some corners and do without a compass. After all, I can just “eyeball” where to place certain feng shui cures or solutions based on looking at the direction the sun was at, right? Nope.

I quickly found out that if I wanted to practice authentic Classical or Traditional Feng Shui, then it’s important to understand the origins of the compass. A major principle in boosting the energy of one’s space via Feng Shui involves accurate compass readings.

As human beings, we all have life aspirations. I aspire to be successful at helping others improve their well being via Feng Shui and other lifestyle tips. I aspire to have great health, so that I can do what I love with and for the people I love.

Have life aspirations that you want to achieve? One fundamental concept in Feng Shui is that different forms of energy known as the “5 Elements” impact our environments.