by Hipster Feng Shui

Question:  I have seen different feng shui baguas display both north and south interchangeably. Does this mean that I should flip the bagua if I am in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: I can see where the confusion may come – and this is a good and very common question. Even though the needle doesn’t point North, North is North no matter what part of the globe you are in. The compass actually originated in China many many years ago for feng shui purposes. The word compass in Chinese translates to “south pointing.” North is often placed on the bottom in Chinese baguas and lo shu squares. Note sometimes you will see baguas with north displayed on the top of the bagua as this makes it easier for those more familiar with the western convention.  In feng shui when North is referred, this translates to the magnetic North regardless of whether one is in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. The same case applies to the South direction. Of course, there are many different perspectives and schools of feng shui that may vary, but this is in accordance with classical or traditional feng shui. I hope this helps.

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Knowing the bagua of your home or office space is fundamental to improving your luck by letting you implement specific and personalized feng shui remedies to support your life aspirations like increased wealth, health, or relationship luck. In this article, I will show you how to accurately find the bagua for your environment. There is a lot to take in. So, I have included examples to help you follow along. Now, lets get started!

To determine the bagua (feng shui energy map) of your home or office in accordance with classical feng shui, you must figure out where the “heart” or center of your environment’s layout or floor plan lies.

Don’t guess! It’s important to have an accurate measurement of the center or you will be applying the wrong feng shui remedies or cures.

When I first saw the feng shui bagua, I naively thought the 8 triparite symbols or “baqua trigrams” on the bagua were just a decorative figures for each of the 8 compass directions on the bagua itself e.g. Southwest. What I did not know, was that each bagua trigram and its respective direction is also linked to a family member and a part of the human body.

I don’t know about you, but I am personally really bad with directions and navigation! Throw in the complexities of Feng Shui, plus having to understand where and how to use a compass and knowing what kind of compass should be used, can be quite confusing!

Please don’t make the same mistakes I made when I first started studying Feng Shui. I tried to “eyeball” and gauge directions and got it all wrong: I thought my bedroom was in the Northwest, so I applied the wrong feng shui cures and remedies! Big mistake!