windows mountains - Is it bad luck to place my bed under a window?

Question: Is it bad luck to place my bed under a window? My friend has told me doing so is really bad feng shui. Why is it bad feng shui? Are there any remedies for this? If not, where should I place my bed?

Answer: You definitely bring up a very common issue in feng shui. The general rule of thumb in feng shui to take a more conservative and defensive approach when curing issues related to the bedroom. In other words, it’s best to mitigate against welcoming more negative chi. In this case, it’s best to choose good bed placement first. The best option is to move your bed away from the window to your lucky direction.

When a bed is placed under a window, it brings in negative to chi to the occupant’s health. The window brings in rushing energy that flows through and causes one to be restless. In addition, the negative chi may impact one’s financial situation.

Remember that Feng Shui represents 33.3% of your overall luck. There are other feng shui remedies that you can implement to boost your bedroom environment. It’s not ideal to have your bed under a window. However, if you must, keep the windows covered with a curtain and make sure that you sleep in a bed that has a solid and thick headboard.