We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.  – Jacques Yves Cousteau


Fountains symbolize fortune and growth via the movement of water. Here are 6 tips to boost wealth, health, & career luck with fountains.

1. Be selective where you place the fountain

There are only three directions of the bagua in which fountains should be placed:

Southeast: to boost prosperity luck as this location is associated with the wood element, and flowing water nourishes wood.

East: to boost health and family luck, as this location is also represented by the wood element.

North: boost career and business luck as this location is associated with the water element, so flowing water will help it grow.

2. Pick the correct fountain material for that location

It may take time to find the perfect fountain, but don’t rush into buying just any fountain – be patient and thorough! Ideally, your fountain should be made of quality materials and colors that are in harmony with the related element of that sector. This means the fountain should be made of materials and colors that match the element of the location is placed in.

For example, when putting a fountain in the southeast direction, pick a fountain with materials and colors that suggest and match the wood element such as a fountain made of bamboo.

3. Go with the upward flow

Ideally, the fountain water flow should bubble upward as opposed to downward as this symbolizes flourishment and growth. Also, make sure that your fountain is always pumping clean fresh water!

fountain 5

4. About Money Matters

Even though it might be challenging to find a fountain that is made of materials that are completely in harmony with the given bagua location you would like to enhance, do not destroy your wealth with the placement of the wrong kind of fountain at all costs.

Since the southeast is the wood sector, never place a metal fountain in the southeast. Doing so symbolizes the destruction of your wealth since metal cuts wood.

Only if you have a fireplace in the southeast (as fire destroys wood and thereby wealth), should fountains be used as a feng shui cure to balance the fire energy.

5. Don’t Lose Sleep

Consider placing fountains in your living room, office, or garden if it’s compatible with the bagua of your environment.

Be mindful not to place any fountains in the bedroom, bathrooms, kitchens, or below a staircase, even if they are in the north, southeast, or east locations as these can create stress and negatively impact wealth and health.

6. Protect Your Reputation and Relationships

Don’t place a fountain in the South sector of your home or work environment, as the the South represents fire, and water extinguishes fire. Doing so can result is one’s reputation or recognition luck being adversely affected.

Also avoid placing the fountain near the right side of your home or work space’s entrance when you exit as this is said to promote disloyal relationships.

Final thoughts

Fountains are beautiful, calming, and peaceful. When a well-selected fountain is placed properly, it generates powerful flow of wealth, health, and career luck to you. Follow these 6 tips to help you select the best fountains and fountain location to achieve your life aspirations.

Knowing the bagua of your home or office space is fundamental to improving your luck by letting you implement specific and personalized feng shui remedies to support your life aspirations like increased wealth, health, or relationship luck. In this article, I will show you how to accurately find the bagua for your environment. There is a lot to take in. So, I have included examples to help you follow along. Now, lets get started!

To determine the bagua (feng shui energy map) of your home or office in accordance with classical feng shui, you must figure out where the “heart” or center of your environment’s layout or floor plan lies.

Don’t guess! It’s important to have an accurate measurement of the center or you will be applying the wrong feng shui remedies or cures.