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bed next to toilet wall


My bed is sharing the same wall as the toilet. How do I improve the feng shui when my bed is next to the toilet wall? I have no other option. Although the door to the bathroom does not lead to my bedroom, my bedroom has a very odd layout. The room has a slanted ceiling that slants down into a wall of windows (this would be the east wall and opposite of the bedroom door). Placing my bed in the corner of this wall would allow me a good position as far as being able to see the bedroom door, but not having the door be across from the bed. However, there would be windows both sides and that is the lowest part of the roof slant.

Ugh. You see, all three sides of the room are full of windows because the builder wanted to (understandably) catch the amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. There is one wall (the north wall) that is partially solid, but the bed would be right next to the closet door, and my head would be in an inauspicious direction (five ghosts with some six killings direction).

This leaves me with only one option… the west wall, which is shared with the shower & toilet.  The upshot to this placement is that it is in a very auspicious direction for me and the most auspicious for my partner, who is the breadwinner.  It is also at the highest point of the slanted ceiling.  There are no water or sewage pipes that run under the bedroom… or inside the wall that is shared with the bedroom.  However, the toilet is right behind my head, and there is a vent pipe leading from the toilet to the roof in this wall.

Any help is greatly appreciated, as we are in the end stages of finishing the home and will be moving into that room very soon.  Thanks.

KD, Montana



You definitely posed a challenging, yet a very common issue in feng shui. A bed sharing the wall of the toilet may lead to health problems.

Looks like none of the four walls in the bedroom are ideal for bed placement based on your description. The best option is to move the bed. Or is there another room in the house that you can use? If there is no other option, here are a few thoughts:

  • Place a thick headboard for your bed at the common wall between the bathroom and bedroom. The purpose is to subdue the rushing energy from the toilet.
  • Place a picture of a mountain above the headboard, which signals great support and the mountain also blocks the bad Qi (chi) from the bathroom.
  • The other option is to place some decorative rock or stone behind the head on the thick headboard (making sure that it is secure and doesn’t fall off), which serves the same purpose as the mountain portrait.
  • Place a small box with different types of crystals to represent the five elements behind the head (making sure the box is secure and would not fall off).
  • If possible, thicken the wall by adding material or decorative sheet rock to create an additional barrier and support between the toilet and your bed.
  • You can add a flat mirror behind your headboard reflecting the wall. The idea is to reflect the toilet and subdue the rushing energy.
  • Use night stands to balance energy.
  • If possible, use another toilet and always keep the toilet seat covered and bathroom door closed.
  • For the slanted ceilings, make sure you install bright lights in the house to boost the chi of the ceiling.
  • I also recommend boosting the health area of the bagua, which is in the east sector. You can create mini baguas throughout your home (i.e. boost the east of the living room, boost the east of the bedroom, etc).
  • Place remedies as noted in my post about toilet cures based on the bagua direction the toilet is in.

I have yet to meet anyone including any master or consultant who has achieved 100% perfect feng shui in a given space, especially the bedroom. It’s a really common issue. My motto is to do the best with what you have and follow your intuition. Also, focus on creating positive energy. This includes creating positive energy with your thoughts. Then place additional feng shui remedies throughout your property to maximize the feng shui of your overall space. Remember feng shui represents 1/3 of one’s luck. There are also other factors that impact one’s luck, the luck that we create for ourselves and the luck that we are born with.

These are just a few suggestions and hope you find them helpful. Take care and wishing you all the best.

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