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I’m laid off. How can I improve my career luck? I had been working at my company for over 10 years and suddenly got laid off two weeks ago. I am extremely worried as I just purchased and moved into a new home a month ago. Additionally, I only have two months worth of emergency savings left. I need to find a new job fast. My friend says that I should examine the feng shui of my house as the toilet is located in the north sector of my home. I don’t know anything about feng shui, but I will try anything to improve my luck. Can you advise how I can best improve my career luck?

Ask Hipster: I'm laid off. How can I improve my career luck?



In feng shui, the north sector is associated with one’s career. it is very inauspicious when a toilet is located in the north sector. The good thing is you can easily remedy this by subduing water energy that is associated with the north sector. To do this, place live or artificial greenery in this sector to exhaust the water element. In addition, place a large stone to exhaust the negative chi as well.  Also, use earth and green paint hues and decor in that area. 

Ask Hipster: I'm laid off. How can I improve my career luck?

Besides remedying the toilet area, consider boosting the chi of other north sectors of your living space. Boosting the chi of a specific bagua sector of an individual room can be as effective as boosting the chi of the bagua sector of an entire property. For example, if you would like to improve your career luck, place feng shui enhancers in the north sector of your bedroom and living room in addition to the north sector of your house. This proves to be a very effective way of boosting one’s environment particularly if a sector is negatively impacted by a bathroom, toilet, etc. Check out additional feng shui career tips from my prior post: 5 Ways to Boost Career Success with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui represents one-third of one’s overall luck. So, your friend is right that you should look into fixing the issue with the toilet in your home’s north sector. However, you must also focus on your mankind luck, which is the luck that you create for yourself. Start networking, update your skills and your resume, practice interviewing, etc. 

Sorry to hear about your sudden job loss. But you are on the right path: you are proactively looking to improve the situation rather than dwell on what’s already happened! Stay focused on the present and stay positive and hope you find these tips helpful!

santorini by hipsterfengshui
santorini by hipsterfengshui

I have been blessed to travel to over 150 cities across the globe over the last decade. However, whether it be for personal pleasure or business, travelling can be quite stressful.  I have found implementing feng shui solutions for travel have helped calm my nerves every time I embark on a new journey. Here are 4 simple feng shui tips to boost your travel luck.

Visualize it

acropolis by hipsterfengshui
acropolis by hipsterfengshui

Place images of places you would like to travel to in the northwest (travel) sector. Note that in feng shui, moving to a new home or relocating to a new job position also counts as travel. Be sure your northwest sector is not missing. A missing northwest sector greatly impacts your travel luck as well as your luck for meeting helpful people.

It has been a dream of mine to hike the Greek Islands and revisit Athens. Before traveling to Greece last month, I placed images of Athens and travel books of Greece in the northwest sector of my living room. I also placed images from travel magazines in the northwest. This got my mind excited about my destination and boosted my travel luck.

Play Offense


As many of you know, Greece has been economically and politically unstable due to its current financial situation. I was a tad nervous about safety. I made sure the northwest sector of my overall home, living room, and bedroom were tidy. I also made sure there was nothing broken (e.g. drains, etc.), as clutter and broken things symbolize blockage and may result in mishaps.

In addition to that, I carried an image of a rhinocero to protect myself against robbery and violence.  It’s very easy to get sick when flying over 15 hours to a destination, so I also carried a small wu lou to protect myself from falling ill while traveling. If you would like to protect yourself from accidents when traveling in a motor vehicle, consider carrying some peacock feathers.

Travel From Your Lucky Direction


It’s best to start your travels from a location that is one of your lucky directions. If you can’t start from your lucky direction, pick a layover that is from one of your lucky directions. Your lucky directions can be easily determined using the Kua number formula.

Increase Travel Luck and Helpful People in Your Life

laughing buddha with sac

Not only is the northwest associated with travel, but it is also associated with helpful people. If you want people to be good to you while you are traveling and in everyday life, keep the northwest sector tidy and and boost “helpful people” chi by decorating it as follows:

  • Add hues and decor of silver, gold, white, and black to boost the energy of this sector.
  • Add windchimes to positively activate the metal energy of this sector.
  • Place images of your favorite deities, angels, or loved ones (who are no longer with you) to protect you.
  • Place a conch shell to boost travel luck.


computer3 - 4 Quick Feng Shui Tips for Your Computer

Computers are part of our modern daily lives. Here are 4 quick computer feng shui tips to increase your luck.

Protect Your Health

bed - Conflict between bed position and lucky directions

Do not place your computer in your bedroom. Electronics generate a very yang chi that can impact your health and sleep. Similarly, do not place a desktop or laptop monitor (even TV) in your bedroom as the reflection of the screen acts as a mirror which is a definite feng shui no no. This is especially true if it reflects your bed. Make sure to remove these items from your bedroom or keep them covered.

Boost Your Career


When using your computer at home or at work, it is best to use the device while facing your most auspicious career or success direction. You can easily calculate these directions by determining your KUA number. When you are not using the computer, it is best placed in the north or northwest direction (as it associated with the metal element).

Organize It


We are all products of our environment. How could one feel energized to do great things with a bunch of clutter? Just as you would keep your home or office space neat, it is important to keep your computer clutter free. Removing clutter and organizing your electronic files will instantly make you feel like a weight has been lifted. Also, remove any files that remind you of negative events or projects as this brings bad chi. Boost chi by keeping files and documents that remind you of your achievements.

Decorate It


Place desktop wallpaper or positive quotes/verses on screensaver to boost chi and improve your mood. For example, you may want to place an image of a monkey on horse to boost your career luck. Or you may feel like placing an image of your family to boost support and relationship luck. Do not place a picture of a mountain as the desktop wallpaper or screensaver display as this may create a block or hindrance to your success.

Whether you use  a desktop or a laptop, you should definitely take it into consideration when assessing your feng shui. Hope these tips help!

windows mountains - Is it bad luck to place my bed under a window?

Question: Is it bad luck to place my bed under a window? My friend has told me doing so is really bad feng shui. Why is it bad feng shui? Are there any remedies for this? If not, where should I place my bed?

Answer: You definitely bring up a very common issue in feng shui. The general rule of thumb in feng shui to take a more conservative and defensive approach when curing issues related to the bedroom. In other words, it’s best to mitigate against welcoming more negative chi. In this case, it’s best to choose good bed placement first. The best option is to move your bed away from the window to your lucky direction.

When a bed is placed under a window, it brings in negative to chi to the occupant’s health. The window brings in rushing energy that flows through and causes one to be restless. In addition, the negative chi may impact one’s financial situation.

Remember that Feng Shui represents 33.3% of your overall luck. There are other feng shui remedies that you can implement to boost your bedroom environment. It’s not ideal to have your bed under a window. However, if you must, keep the windows covered with a curtain and make sure that you sleep in a bed that has a solid and thick headboard.





Should you feng shui your car? Absolutely! Even cars have “chi”. Here are 4 simple car feng shui tips.

porsche - 4 Simple Feng Shui Tips for Vehicle

Protect it

peacock - 4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

If you travel frequently in your car, place peacock feathers or a peacock image for protection from mishaps and accidents. To guard against violence and robbery, place an image of a rhino in your vehicle.

Park it right

garage - 4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

Avoid parking your car next to garbage or trash cans as your vehicle will absorb their negative chi.

Also, parking your car directly facing your home creates sha or “killing” energy. It is best to avoid parking your car such that it directly faces your home but instead park it facing away from the home.

Jazz it up

salt - 4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

Sprinkle sea salt, add decor (e.g. crystals, stones, pillows) and turn on the music to boost the chi of your car. Smudge your car with incense. Consider adding some fun fragrances to create an ambience.

Keep it tidy & fresh

car2 - 4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

Just as you would with your home or work space, always keep your car neat and clean. Remove any garbage and dust, and when appropriate, open the sunroof and windows to allow vibrant energy to circulate.


Hope you find these 4 simple car feng shui tips useful. Happy safe riding!