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Ask Hipster – What is the best place to put my garbage?

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Ask Hipster - What is the best place to place my garage?Question: Help! What is the best place to put my garbage so that it does not impact my overall feng shui and luck?

Answer: As with toilets, everyone has to deal with garbage and there is no ideal location for it. That is because each bagua sector of your home or office is associated with a life aspiration, family member, or body part. It is best to be proactive in handling your garbage to avoid having your health, wealth, career or relationships impacted by bad luck. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Get a garbage can that has a lid. Empty your garbage can regularly and never let it overflow. This helps minimize odors and the unsightly view of clutter that brings negative vibes.Ask Hipster - What is the best place to place my garage?
  • The trash can should not draw so much attention that it’s one of the first things one notices when entering a room. If possible, put your trash can away and out of sight to suppress any negative chi.
  • If you must put the trash cans in the house, put them away inside a cabinet or cupboard. Remove all trash cans from the bedroom if possible.
  • Place a decorative tarp or plants around trash cans that are placed outside the house or office. If possible, place them inside a shed.
  • Make sure you don’t have garbage bins placed below or near photos of loved-ones, awards, or designations you have received. This will impact your relationship, career, and business luck.
  • Keep the area of the bagua sector where the trash is placed clean and clutter free. Boost the chi of the specific bagua area where the trash is placed. 

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  1. yes, that is in fengshui, and most chisnee do believe this.but i think it depends.it is bad only if your head or feet (when lying down) points toward the opening of the door (open or closed).and it is worse, if there are 2 doors in a straight path with each other, then your head or feet (when lying down the bed) points towards the opening of the door.doors in fengshui has this effect it brings people in and out, in life it just mean that you die and a baby is born into this world, just like when we sell something, we gain money as we sell something.just put something between the bed and the door, like a divider not a curtain, more like a tin wooden panel that is attached to a side of the room. if there is no place to move, then you are stuck. well, that is why the world is unfair; and there are rich people and poor people. this is the reason why there is fengshui. so we can have more resources and change our lives for the better. things like the house is just temporary, the come and they go. i mean you dont really have to cnfine yourself to just have 1 choice in life that house in this case. i believe that you have the power to choose what improvements you can make in your life. fengshui is just a tool to know how to make these changes done/ achieve faster.References :

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