Ask Hipster: I’m laid off. How can I improve my career luck?

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I’m laid off. How can I improve my career luck? I had been working at my company for over 10 years and suddenly got laid off two weeks ago. I am extremely worried as I just purchased and moved into a new home a month ago. Additionally, I only have two months worth of emergency savings left. I need to find a new job fast. My friend says that I should examine the feng shui of my house as the toilet is located in the north sector of my home. I don’t know anything about feng shui, but I will try anything to improve my luck. Can you advise how I can best improve my career luck?

Ask Hipster: I'm laid off. How can I improve my career luck?



In feng shui, the north sector is associated with one’s career. it is very inauspicious when a toilet is located in the north sector. The good thing is you can easily remedy this by subduing water energy that is associated with the north sector. To do this, place live or artificial greenery in this sector to exhaust the water element. In addition, place a large stone to exhaust the negative chi as well.  Also, use earth and green paint hues and decor in that area. 

Ask Hipster: I'm laid off. How can I improve my career luck?

Besides remedying the toilet area, consider boosting the chi of other north sectors of your living space. Boosting the chi of a specific bagua sector of an individual room can be as effective as boosting the chi of the bagua sector of an entire property. For example, if you would like to improve your career luck, place feng shui enhancers in the north sector of your bedroom and living room in addition to the north sector of your house. This proves to be a very effective way of boosting one’s environment particularly if a sector is negatively impacted by a bathroom, toilet, etc. Check out additional feng shui career tips from my prior post: 5 Ways to Boost Career Success with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui represents one-third of one’s overall luck. So, your friend is right that you should look into fixing the issue with the toilet in your home’s north sector. However, you must also focus on your mankind luck, which is the luck that you create for yourself. Start networking, update your skills and your resume, practice interviewing, etc. 

Sorry to hear about your sudden job loss. But you are on the right path: you are proactively looking to improve the situation rather than dwell on what’s already happened! Stay focused on the present and stay positive and hope you find these tips helpful!


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