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4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

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Should you feng shui your car? Absolutely! Even cars have “chi”. Here are 4 simple car feng shui tips.

porsche - 4 Simple Feng Shui Tips for Vehicle

Protect it

peacock - 4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

If you travel frequently in your car, place peacock feathers or a peacock image for protection from mishaps and accidents. To guard against violence and robbery, place an image of a rhino in your vehicle.

Park it right

garage - 4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

Avoid parking your car next to garbage or trash cans as your vehicle will absorb their negative chi.

Also, parking your car directly facing your home creates sha or “killing” energy. It is best to avoid parking your car such that it directly faces your home but instead park it facing away from the home.

Jazz it up

salt - 4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

Sprinkle sea salt, add decor (e.g. crystals, stones, pillows) and turn on the music to boost the chi of your car. Smudge your car with incense. Consider adding some fun fragrances to create an ambience.

Keep it tidy & fresh

car2 - 4 Simple Car Feng Shui Tips

Just as you would with your home or work space, always keep your car neat and clean. Remove any garbage and dust, and when appropriate, open the sunroof and windows to allow vibrant energy to circulate.


Hope you find these 4 simple car feng shui tips useful. Happy safe riding!


Patty is the creator and founder of Hipster Feng Shui. She is a wife, pet mom, vegetarian, tree hugger, world traveler, and Apple fan-girl. Seeing so many stressed and unfulfilled individuals in today’s society inspired Patty to help others by sharing her deep knowledge of Feng Shui and other lifestyle tips. Patty believes everyone can achieve peace and harmony through Feng Shui and lifestyle design while having fun! She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked at Apple and KPMG prior to founding Hipster Feng Shui. Subscribe to receive Feng Shui tips and find Hipster Feng Shui on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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