Ask Hipster – Conflict between bed position and lucky directions

bedQuestion: My luck has been down quite a bit lately, so I decided to evaluate the feng shui of my overall home, including my bedroom. In doing so, I realized that there is a conflict between my bed position and the lucky directions.

What is more important: facing my lucky directions or avoiding bad bed placement and positioning?  Where should I place my bed?

My Kua number is 5. My options are:

  • Northeast (good direction for me): but bed is under window
  • Northwest (good direction for me): but headboard is next to bathroom
  • East (bad direction for me): but no other obstacles
  • West (good direction for me): but five yellow star lies there this year

ocean - Conflict between bed position and lucky directionsAnswer: In general, I’d suggest taking a more conservative and defensive approach when the remedy relates to the bedroom. This means one should mitigate and protect from possible additional negative energy. In your case, it would mean choosing good placement first (e.g. avoid sleeping in front of a mirror) over facing lucky directions.

One thing you can possibly do is to keep the window covered if you are sleeping in the northeast. Make sure your bed has a strong solid headboard.

Ideally, you should place your bed in a good position while also facing your auspicious direction. However, if your bedroom layout does not allow for placing your bed in a good position (e.g. east), at the very least, place it such that when you are sleeping you are facing one of your auspicious directions (e.g. northeast).