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Ask Hipster – Relationship troubles with my wife

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Ask Hipster - Sudden relationship troubles with my wife
by hipsterfengshui

Question: Early this year I began having sudden relationship troubles with my wife. We have been married for over 5 years, but we suddenly started arguing quite a bit. We reconciled, but then last month, things got worse and we are no longer living together and even talking about divorce. I am not sure what has changed. How can I use feng shui to improve my situation? I feel really down with this sudden change in my life.

Answer: There are several factors that can be contributing to this as there are 3 different types of luck that exist: heaven, mankind, and earth luck (feng shui). Each of them represent a 1/3 of one’s overall overall luck.

It can very well be that the stars are changing over time and it takes time for wrinkles to smooth out. What is important to focus on is the types of luck that you do have control over, which are mankind and earth luck.

Few questions and thoughts as there can be an array of factors affecting your relationship from a feng shui perspective:

  • What is the layout of your bedroom? Do you have mirrors or TV in your bedroom reflecting your bed? Do you have plants in the bedroom? If so, remove them.
  • Do you happen to have a bathroom or toilet in the southwest? If so, make sure you follow these tips here.
  • Does the head of your bed share the wall of a bathroom? If yes, take a look at these tips.
  • Did you place cures for the argumentative star that lies in the center of the bagua this year?

Additionally, if you don’t already have love symbols placed in your relationship sector, place a few to boost the chi in that area. Some of my favorite are:

  • Place a pair of mandarin ducks figures as they represent stability (they mate for life).
  • Place photos of the two of you has a happy couple photos or of happy lovers or couples.
  • Place candles (fire energizes earth, which the element of the southwest sector), double happiness (symbolizes joy), dragon and phoenix (symbolizes a successful and fruitful marriage) images or figurines.
  • Place an amethyst rock under your bed under your feet. Tie it with a red ribbon.

These are just a few suggestions. Hope this helps and wishing you the best.





Patty is the creator and founder of Hipster Feng Shui. She is a wife, pet mom, vegetarian, tree hugger, world traveler, and Apple fan-girl. Seeing so many stressed and unfulfilled individuals in today’s society inspired Patty to help others by sharing her deep knowledge of Feng Shui and other lifestyle tips. Patty believes everyone can achieve peace and harmony through Feng Shui and lifestyle design while having fun! She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked at Apple and KPMG prior to founding Hipster Feng Shui. Subscribe to receive Feng Shui tips and find Hipster Feng Shui on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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