Ask Hipster – Noisy Neighbors Who Are Driving Me Crazy

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Question:  I have gotten new noisy neighbors who are driving me crazy. They are so inconsiderate and loud all day long.  It is as though they never sleep and don’t go to work. They are also extremely messy and put clutter in front of their home. What can I do?

Answer: There are several options to deal with your noisy neighbors. The goal is to subdue the negative energy that you receive from them. Some are feng shui tips and others are not.

First, simply try talking to your neighbor calmy and to diffuse the conflict in a peaceful and civil manner. If that doesn’t work, here a few tips you should try.

  • Place a container of water between your homes to soak up the negative chi.
  • Boost the energy of the interior of your home. For example, make sure you have solid window coverings. For the exterior, place plants to protect and energize your property.
  • Remove any clutter and garbage between you and your neighbor. Having clutter and garbage in between your properties instigates negative chi.
  • Use reflective cures such as a silver tray or a flat circular mirror to divert the negative chi back to your bad neighbor.
  • Utilize a metal wind chime that faces the direction of your bad neighbor. This diverts negative energy. Be mindful that the metal wind chime does not conflict with the bagua or flying stars.
  • Report the nuisance to the cops or police.

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