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5 Feng Shui Toilet Tips to Protect Your Luck

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by hipsterfengshui.com
by hipsterfengshui.com


We all have to “take care of business” somehow.  Yet toilets (bathrooms) are a big obstacle in feng shui that everyone faces – they are big energy zappers due to their association with human waste and icky smells. Here are 5 feng shui toilet tips to protect your luck.

1. Cure It

As discussed in prior posts, each bagua direction is associated with a life aspiration, family member, human body part etc. Because of that, toilets are not ideal no matter their location. Even if your health, wealth, career or relationship luck hasn’t gone down the drain yet, it’s best to be prepared. Place the appropriate cures in accordance with the destructive cycle of the 5 elements of feng shui to subdue their negative chi.

I have prepared a summary of some simple and affordable toilet cures by bagua direction. The Direction/Location column indicates where your toilet is located in accordance with the bagua of your environment. I hope you find it helpful:

by hipsterfengshui.com
by hipsterfengshui.com

2. Keep it Small and Simple

by hipsterfengshui.com
by hipsterfengshui.com

Back in the day, toilets and tubs were not located inside the homes. They were separate equipment (either brought in the home and cleaned daily) and the bathroom was a separate structure outside of the house.

Today, most homes have a toilet located inside the same floor plan as the living space. In addition, toilets are getting bigger and bigger, particularly with newer homes. Bigger is not better in this case. Keep it small and simple to prevent the depletion of luck in auspicious areas of your space. And of course keep it clean and tidy!

3. Avoid or Cover It

by hipsterfengshui.com
by hipsterfengshui.com

As a general rule of thumb, always keep the toilet seat and bathroom doors closed.

Note: If you have a toilet located in the center of the home, it is best to avoid utilizing it completely. The center represents the well-being of a space’s occupants (a.k.a. the heart of a home). If it is not possible to not use that toilet, place a big rock or ceramic vase and utilize earth tones in the area as a cure.

by hipsterfengshui.com
by hipsterfengshui.com

If you have a toilet that is near or above your main door also avoid using it if possible. One remedy is to place a mirror outside of the bathroom door, assuming that the mirror is not reflecting anything negative.

Another remedy for toilets that are located above a main door is to install bright light sources to boost energy.

4. Sleep Better

If you are having trouble sleeping, check to see if a toilet is located next to, above, or directly across your bed. If possible, move your bed to another location where you can still sleep in your lucky directions.

If moving your bed is not an option, place a screen or curtain to block negative chi coming from the bathroom. You can also utilize this same remedy in a situation where you have a bathroom connected to a bedroom that causes the layout of the bedroom to lack symmetry.

5. Protect Your Wealth 

by hipsterfengshui.com
by hipsterfengshui.com

Avoid putting symbols of wealth such as money, coins, money frogs, in the toilet as this signifies the draining of one’s wealth and prosperity luck.  Toilets also should not be located across dining tables or next to aquariums as this may impact prosperity luck. Move the dining table and aquarium to appropriate location to protect your wealth.


Obviously, we can’t live without toilets do to our biological needs as humans. Toilets and bathrooms are a common feng shui issue, so do not fret. They can be easily cured with inexpensive solutions. Hope these tips help!



Patty is the creator and founder of Hipster Feng Shui. She is a wife, pet mom, vegetarian, tree hugger, world traveler, and Apple fan-girl. Seeing so many stressed and unfulfilled individuals in today’s society inspired Patty to help others by sharing her deep knowledge of Feng Shui and other lifestyle tips. Patty believes everyone can achieve peace and harmony through Feng Shui and lifestyle design while having fun! She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked at Apple and KPMG prior to founding Hipster Feng Shui. Subscribe to receive Feng Shui tips and find Hipster Feng Shui on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. Hi
    I have a bathroom above kitchen and the staircase also opens up To this bathroom. What fengshui cure i can do?

  2. Good day1 i am living on the 2nd floor with 1 bedroom and b4 when the 3rd and 4th floor still for construction i ve a good vibes and my career even my income….are in good
    but when the 3rd & 4th floor was constructed and having a tenant i felt all well gone coz i am always thinking but i let my mind to be positive on tht, pvc pipe coming from their toilet, bathroom passed thru drainage who inside our bedroom ..can u help us what kind of good vibes so the our wealth and health will be maintain
    thank u so much for helping me
    Rose Laya

  3. Naresh Agarwal Reply

    All my bathrooms have south wall mirrors …how to find a remedy fr thus

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