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3 Things to Know About Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant

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Here are 3 Things to Know About Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant:

book research
by Splitshire

Do Your Homework

Anyone can claim to be a feng shui “consultant” or “master.” There is no central governing body for the feng shui discipline. Just as you would interview a financial advisor, doctor, or attorney, you should do the same with a feng shui consultant or master. Do a thorough interview with anyone you plan to engage with.

by jaymantri.com

Knowledge is power. Before engaging with a Feng Shui consultant or master, I highly recommend that you research on the feng shui topic itself first. That way, you can have a more meaningful conversation when evaluating their expertise and interviewing them. During the interview, make sure you inquire about:

  • Which school of feng shui they practice
  • Types of clients they work with
  • The exact service they will perform
  • Fee structure
  • References and experience

You don’t have to choose an expert with a certification or title. Some feng shui practitioners know a significant amount of feng shui through deep research and studies, or due to their upbringing as knowledge, practice, and culture that had carried through many generations. Sometimes professional practice, experience, and the desire to help people carry more weight than receiving a certificate.

Know the Difference between a Feng Shui Consultants and Masters

Both Feng Shui consultants and masters specialize in helping individuals and businesses improve the “chi” or energy of their home or work environment. Many practitioners accumulate their knowledge through years of study and research — be it via books, the web, cultural upbringing and awareness, or through formal training programs and really life application.

by Jeshu John
by Jeshu John

Traditionally masters go through extensive training and years of practice and apprenticeship in a country where their understanding would be carried at a young age. Generally, masters studied for a longer period of time than consultants. However, today there are many programs (some credible, others not) that train individuals to be a consultant or a master and some even use the term interchangeably.

There are a number of feng shui schools and programs that offer certification. Course length, time, and cost for each of these programs vary. In the end, regardless of creditors, it is very important to do your research and interviews to find someone that works for you.

Analyze Your Needs for Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant

While most Feng Shui concepts and cures can be do-it-yourself projects, there may be benefits to having a master or consultant if you are dealing with major renovations, complex floor plans, or advanced feng shui topics related to numerology. Also there are many talented feng shui experts with an interior design background that can really help jazz up your home or office!

Historically masters were paid a “red pocket,” meaning it was the client who provided a monetary token of appreciation for the assessment. However, today most masters do charge a fee s/he sets, and it varies based on their experience, location, and references.

by Jeshu John
by Jeshu John

Final Thoughts

Anyone can learn the basic principles of Feng Shui and practical tips that do not require a significant monetary investment. Many implement feng shui without a consultant or a master. It just depends on your preference, budget, and needs. My advice – If you hire a practitioner, choose one you can connect with, who can meet your life aspiration objective and provide trusted references.


Patty is the creator and founder of Hipster Feng Shui. She is a wife, pet mom, vegetarian, tree hugger, world traveler, and Apple fan-girl. Seeing so many stressed and unfulfilled individuals in today’s society inspired Patty to help others by sharing her deep knowledge of Feng Shui and other lifestyle tips. Patty believes everyone can achieve peace and harmony through Feng Shui and lifestyle design while having fun! She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked at Apple and KPMG prior to founding Hipster Feng Shui. Subscribe to receive Feng Shui tips and find Hipster Feng Shui on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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