Pump Your Wealth Luck with an Aquarium with these 6 Tips

Here are 6 tips to pump your wealth luck with an aquarium:

Oranda Gold Fish, Wikimedia Commons

Oranda Gold Fish, Wikimedia Commons

1. Place aquarium in the Southeast

In Feng Shui, the southeast represents wealth. Placing the aquarium in this location symbolizes water which nourishes the wood element of the southeast. This increases wealth luck brought on by your aquarium.

2. Make it count

You may also want to consider putting a lucky number of fish in the tank e.g. 8 gold ones to pump your wealth luck with an aquarium.

3. Health and Wealth

If you believe health is wealth as I do, pump up the the east of the bagua as well with an aquarium.

4. Don’t drain your luck

Aquariums should not be placed in kitchen, bathrooms, or bedrooms, as this can severely drain your health and wealth.

The aquarium’s height should not be too close to the floor (near the waist is perfect). Finally, make sure that the tank is always clean!

5. Protect Your Family

Do not place pictures of family above your aquarium – this symbolizes the drowning of your family. Not good!

6. Be in Shape

Small Aquarium, by hipsterfengshui.com

Small Aquarium, by hipsterfengshui.com

The shape of you aquarium should match the element of the bagua sector it is placed in. Also, even better if it color of the aquarium is in harmony with that sector too. e.g. a rectangular and black aquarium in the South East would be optimal.

Final thought

One of my favorite ways to boost the chi of my home is with pets. I just love the vibrant chi coming from pets. I hope these tips help you and that you enjoy your aquarium!