Reduce negative chi with the 8 bagua trigrams

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle



What are bagua trigrams

When I first saw the feng shui bagua, I naively thought the 8 tripartite symbols or “bagua trigrams” on the bagua were just a decorative figures for each of the 8 compass directions on the bagua itself e.g. Southwest. What I did not know, was that each bagua trigram and its respective direction is also linked to a family member and a part of the human body.

☵ ☰ ☶ ☳ ☴ ☲ ☷ ☱

How to use trigrams to reduce negative chi

So why does this matter and what does it have to do with Feng Shui? By understanding the trigrams, in conjunction with the bagua itself, you can further improve your environment by reducing negative chi that may potentially impact specific members of the family and their health. For example, if the matriarch of the house is ill, one may want to check that the southwest direction of the bagua symbolized by this trigram ☷ is not afflicted and thereby causing the illness.

Because Feng Shui is too complex for me to remember every single detail, I had to create a bagua trigram cheat sheet for myself:

Trigram Family
Aspiration Element Color # Shape
Kan ☵
Middle Son Ears Career Water Black 1 Squiggly, Wavy
Chien ☰
Dad, Patriarch Head Helpful People
Metal White, Gray, Black 6.7 Round
Ken ☶
Youngest Son Fingers, Hands Knowledge Earth Black, Blue, Green 2, 5, 8 Square
Chen ☳
OldestSon Hair,Feet Health & Family Wood Green 3, 4 Rectangle
Sun ☴
Oldest Daughter Butt,Neck Wealth Wood Blue, Purple, Red 3, 4 Rectangle
Li ☲
Middle Daughter Eyes Fame Fire Red 9 Triangle
Kun ☷
Mom, Matriarch Nose Relationships Earth Red, Pink, White 2, 5, 8 Square
Tui ☱
YoungestDaughter Mouth Kids & Creativity Metal White 6, 7 Round

I have personally evaluated spaces for Feng Shui purposes by using the cheat sheet, which defines each trigram as well as the directions, elements, colors, shapes associated with it. I hope you find this cheat sheet helpful!