Patty Lo Tran – CEO & Founder
Blogger, Hipster Feng Shui

Patty and CaseyAs an individual navigating through the hustle bustle of Silicon Valley, Patty found that the practice of Feng Shui and lifestyle design has helped her navigate through life’s rough patches and achieve her dreams such as marrying her high school sweetheart Jeff, traveling the world, and having a successful career. Patty admits that she thought Feng Shui was a bunch of hocus pocus when she was first introduced to it 15 years ago. However, today she feels very blessed to have been introduced to the art of Feng Shui and lifestyle design and to be able to share it.

Patty’s goal is to make Feng Shui and life fun and easy to understand, and to provide very practical and helpful do-it-yourself tips and remedies. Through the practice of Feng Shui, combined with other lifestyle practices, such as mindfulness, exercise, balanced diet, and meditation, one can greatly improve his or her life — from building careers to finding love, from developing health to increasing creativity.

Patty is a dynamic business and technology leader from Apple, KPMG, and real estate start-up with over a decade of experience driving highly complex projects in software development, financial and corporate audits, organizational transformations, systems implementation, applications development, mobile payments, geo-expansion, operational process improvement programs, and new product introductions. Patty consults senior executives on strategic direction and implements tactical solutions to increase efficiency, profitability, and operational readiness.

Additionally, Patty is an active real estate investor and advisor for a California based real estate investment firm and loves using her financial expertise and feng shui knowledge to evaluate investment opportunities.

Patty was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from San Jose State University with BS degrees in Accounting, Finance and a minor in Economics.

We all strive for inner peace, balance, happiness, safety, love, strong relationships, harmony, good health, fortune, and career growth. Patty believes we can achieve all that through Feng Shui and lifestyle design while having fun!

Casey Trigger Lo – Chief Company Dog
Chi generator, fun seeker

Casey a.k.a “Caseo” was adopted by Patty and Jeff after spending the first 2 years of his life in southern California. Caseo provides Patty with lots of love and positive energy or “chi” in her home and office environment and contributes to her happy and healthy lifestyle which inspires her to write wonderful things about Feng Shui and life lessons to help both people and their pets!!